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As of 5 Pm Wednesday 25 of march, we will be closing our doors due to the Covid 19 Virus lockdown.

We don’t yet know when we will be opening again so stay tuned for further information.

If there is equipment needed for essential services or if equipment is needed for a life and death situation (ie generator for a breathing machine)  please call us on our urgent helpline 021 090 66851 If there is no reply, please leave a message or send a text and we will reply ASAP. 


Non urgent items cannot be supplied so please don’t call us for non-essential items during this time.


Stay safe, Stay well and we look forward to serving you in better times!


You have landed on a temporary page for while our site is in for maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have the site up and running shortly

In the meantime, please call our awesome team on the number above as we would love to help you.

Please note most links and other functions have been disabled.

Normal hours of operation are

Mon – Fri 7am – 530pm

Sat 8am – 1pm

  • We will be Closed for the entire Easter weekend from 10th to 13th of April 

Our terms and conditions can be seen here

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